Stained Glass Sundays artist Hayley Ryckman with stained glass mentor Mr. Speers
Picture with my mentor Mr. Speers

How can I explain my passion for stained glass to you without sounding obsessed, in love, or crazy about glass?  Not sure if I can, but I’ll give it a shot.  In high school I started learning how to do stained glass with the help of my mentor, Mr. Speers.  Every time I’d go home for a break in college, I’d trash my mom’s kitchen with another glass project.  Instead of getting excited about new clothes, it’s a new sheet of glass that does the trick.   I appreciate stained glass since a composition is dynamic as the weather, time of day, and lighting change. The combinations of glass colors, textures, and location all must be considered during the design process.  While many glass artists start with sheet glass, I particularly enjoy the challenge of incorporating recycled bottles into my projects to provide a 3D element to the final piece.

I studied civil engineering with a touch of art in undergrad from the University of Dayton and got my MS in environmental engineering from the University of Oklahoma.  One of my greatest accomplishments while at OU was helping to design and construct a large window (almost 30 square feet) for the church I attended, it contributed to many late nights and lessons learned.  I moved to Wyoming after graduating and went part time with my job in December 2014 to focus more on my stained glass art.

3D hand made stained glass fish made of blue green and brown beer bottles of a fish made by Stained Glass Sundays StainedGlassSundays in Jackson Hole Wyoming Antlers, fish, and a lab coat may seem like a silly combo, but for me they all have a story and are significant.  Antlers- I love seeing and learning about the animals in Wyoming (this pic is in Jackson Hole town square under one of the antler arches); the fish- is one of my first true challenging and unique 3D beer bottle stained glass project, which gave me a love/hate relationship with glass for a while; and lastly the lab coat- when I was in grad school I spent a lot of my time in the lab, now in my studio I may not be researching the removal of carcinogens from ground water I am enjoying learning and exploring ways to improve my stained glass…and yes, you will find me wearing the lab coat 😀

If you are interested in learning more about my stained glass work or having some commission work done, please contact me! I love stretching my imagination and enjoy being challenged with new projects.

Stained Glass Sundays located in Wyoming is a proud Affiliate Member of The Stained Glass Association of America
Stained Glass Sundays is a proud Affiliate Member of The Stained Glass Association of America