Why Sundays and not Mondays?

Coming up with a name is tough, as it can be for all businesses, especially for those that you don’t want named after yourself.  I finally came up with Stained Glass Sundays because of mass, the sabbath, and hangovers; it was those Sundays growing up that got me interested in the art and Sundays presently which grant me time (and bottles) to pursue my love for breaking and soldering glass!

Mass: CCD, church, and receiving my $2 allowance were my typical Sunday mornings.  Looking back, I’m not sure how my parents could control 4 girls (in four years) during that one hour of mass, but on the bright side for them instead of needing things to color or chew on during mass, I’d zone out looking at the stained glass, wondering about the artists, the details in the paint, the  symbolism, and simply wondered how it was made (at least that is how I remember it). I’d always notice the different colors every week, and would always be in awe by the beautiful rays of color moving through the church from the start to finish of the mass.   I was in awe and still am when I see beautiful, magnificent church windows.

Day of Sabbath: I love that God game me my stained glass Sundays.  Spending several solid hours on a project and listening to a good book on tape, is what I’d call heavenly.

Hangover Sundays:  Several of my projects use beer and wine bottles!!  I’ve learned during the past year that the best day to collect those bottles is on Sundays; yes, from my recycling bin, but also from friends and the occasional bar. The worst part is that I have become a hoarder, every time I see a bottle with a unique shape, color, texture, size, you name it, I take it.

And lastly, I hate Mondays, that is why it’s not Stained Glass Mondays.

Enjoy your Sundays (and try to enjoy your Mondays)!