Please contact me if you are interested in private/group stained glass, mosaic, or fusing classes.  With almost 15 years of glass art experience, I will be able to teach you the fundamentals and useful tricks with glass art.   I can teach you about glass, ranging from cutting, grinding, and soldering,  designing, selecting glass, mosaics, and hot and cold glass work.  Working with glass can be addicting, so if you do decide to take a class with me, be prepared to go home with a new hobby and maybe some cuts on your fingers!  If you are interested in learning something specific, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Please email me if you are interested in signing up for a class or weekend workshop!

What is required to take classes and be a glass artist?

  • Materials:  For beginner classes, I will provide all materials and supplies.  Glass cutters, glass, grinders, foil, soldering irons, you name it and I’ll have it here for you.  If you end up loving stained glass after the class, I am willing to sell you materials.
  • Patience:  If stained glass were easy, more people would be doing the art as a hobby.  Expect to be frustrated in the beginning with the cutting and soldering process.  Once you get the hang of the motions and feel more comfortable, it’s as easy as cutting paper with scissors!
  • Time:  Stained glass takes time.  Once you have a design and colors picked out, it’s like a paint by numbers and sewing, but with glass.  Unfortunately though, it’s not as forgiving.  While some projects may look easy, it might take much longer to make than expected.
  • Multitasking: What I really like about stained glass is that it completely clears your mind.  It requires focus, but is relaxing once you get into the groove.   While you can’t really simultaneously cook or write  and make stained glass, you can listen to books on tape, podcasts, music, etc.