Hayley, the artist of Stained Glass Sundays, has nearly 15 years of glass art experience, ranging from small decorative panels to 30 square foot window installations.   When designing pieces, Hayley takes into account the location, lighting, size, interests of the customer, and overall cost and budget.

Please contact Hayley at if you are interested in custom art.   You are also welcome to visit my studio if you live in the area.

What are the benefits of custom stained glass art?

  • Create an attractive and bright atmosphere by incorporating custom architectural glass throughout the home or business via accents to entryways, living spaces, kitchens, or restrooms.
  • Businesses can design a piece with the business name or logo and the artwork can be incorporated into a restaurant, bar, lounge, or office.
  • Include a variety of textured clear and beveled glass to maintain the beautiful views of the outdoors and privacy indoors.
  • Enhance the property value and diminish the need for window curtains.
    Also available: Restoration and repair, glass painting, 3D decorative with recycled glass bottles, religious art, ornaments, custom gifts, lamp shades, and classes.

How must will it cost?

The cost varies depending on the size, detail, and glass selection.  Basic quotes are determined by the square foot and are then adjusted based on the customers’ needs and wants. Hand painted and kiln fired art will increase the detail of the piece, but will add to the cost because of the time and energy put into painting and kiln firing the piece.  The total number of pieces of glass included can also adjust the cost, for example if the piece includes 5 large pieces vs. 100 pieces of glass, the piece with more pieces will be more expensive.  Lastly,  the glass selection will impact the cost since glass varies from about $9 to $80-plus a square foot.

During the concept phases, all of these factors will be considered to make sure the final piece is within your budget.

How to get started?

Please contact Hayley below (or at to get started on the next custom stained glass project for your home, business, or church.  Hayley will provide you with a short list of questions to answer (which can be answered via phone or email) to help make the design, build, and installation process easy for you.   After answering all of the initial questions and deciding to proceed with the project, I would encourage you to arrange a concept meeting for me to visit your home, business, or church to discuss your ideas and to visit my studio to see your glass selection if you live in Jackson Hole, Pinedale, or Rock Springs area.